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1. Anita Rosa Faia: 5490 Support Bra
2. Anita Rosa Faia: 5493 Comfort Bra
3. Carnival 620 Camisole Shoulder Soft Cup
4. Anita Rosa Faia 5490 Support Bra

Bra Size: Band Measurement:

Measure around the rib cage directly under the bust. Add 5" to this measurement. If the total measurement is an odd number, then round up to the next even number for your band size. If the total measurement is an even number, that is your band size.

Bra Size: Cup Measurement:

With your bra on, measure completey around the fullest part of your breasts without pulling tight. For every inch that this measurement is over the band size  it is a cup size. For example, if the cup measurement is 1" more than the band size, you are an A cup if the cup measurement is 2" more than the band size you are a B cup and so on.


Shapewear Size: All measurements are waist sizes in inches.

S  = 25-26   

M =  27-28

L = 29-30

XL (1X) = 31-32

2X = 33-34

3X = 35-36

4X = 37-38

5X = 39-40

6x = 41-42

7X = 43-44

and so on. If your hips measure within 10-12 inches of your waist size, the item is determined by waist size. if your hips are more than 12" larger than your waist, consider going one waist size up.

Panty Size: All measurements are hip sizes in inches.

S/5 = 36-37

M/6  = 38-39

L/7 = 40-41

XL/8 = 42-43

2X/9 = 44-45

3X/10 = 46-47

11 = 48-49

12 = 50-51

and so on.







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